Monday, November 2nd 

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Doing things Different, Staying Safe

       This year has been difficult and isolating for everyone around the world.   It has forced us to be away from family, friends, and the life we called “normal”.  Through it all, we kept on going; introducing new life, changing how we communicate with each other, and tragically, taking lives from us too early that were not surrounded by the families they held dear.  Some of us were able to seek closure.  Others were forced to mourn in solitude or attend a memorial via video chat.  That’s not how we’re built.  We need more- we need our friends. 

       The need for community this year is more important than ever.  Even though we cannot celebrate Dia de los Muertos in our normal way, we still want to bring a way to celebrate life as a community by sharing the stories of our loved ones.  They may have past this year or 50 years ago, but their story, their memory deserves to be shared and kept alive.

  What we’d like from you is a picture of who you’d like to celebrate (limit 2).  Along with their photo, send us your favorite story or memory you have of them (typed preferred).   Content should be appropriate to share with a community of  all ages.  Please no more than 3 paragraphs in length.


         We will feature these on our Dia de los Muertos website and read them on Dia de los Muertos!   The link for the "live" feed on Dia de los Muertos will be updated here as the date draws near.

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